Cherries and Cigarettes. Sevilla, Spain

9 Jul

Dry heat, the juiciest oranges, modernity and history lining every sidewalk, flamenco guitar through the window, women dressed like popsicles, gazpacho with egg, spontaneous parties of old and young people, gypsies holding rosemary… holy wow I was taken by the old world magic of Sevilla.  Have you ever noticed how closely you observe place and people when you are lost or trying to find your way?  With no set schedule and about 19 hours of daylight, I set out to intentionally loose my bearings (don’t worry mama, I had a map at all times!) each day in this city.  There was so much to see I almost had to break it down one rectangle at a time through my viewfinder.  I’m pretty sure I left Sevilla with a camera-shaped indent on my left cheek!  Here are a quick few to begin.

Catedral de Santa María

Found urban still life in Triana, the gypsy neighborhood of Sevilla.

La Giralda Tower

shh, baby’s sleeping.

mural outside of Plaza de Armas bus station.


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