Back home: Squero San Trovaso

23 Jul

Do you remember this place?


The craft-worn hands with the remnants of hard work stuck underneath the fingernails.

squero_7.22.14-4The silver noses of the whale-like gondolas frying in the sun.


The posed scrap wood pieces, outdated nudie calendars (garage standard), trinkets of travel, and stuff that’s floated to shore curiously placed around the shop. 



The tattoos on the bodies that mirror the carvings of the gondolas.squero_7.22.14-5

squero_7.22.14-12And most importantly, Claudio & Luca. squero_7.22.14-83 years ago (literally, to the DAY!) while in grad school, I started photographing at Squero San Trovaso for over a month. With some planning “fingers crossed” pieces, I returned to Squero yesterday, unsure if the guys had received all/any of the ways I had tried to reach out to them to ask if I could come visit once again.

I tried to creep up on Squero. I went up the canal on the other side to get a distant peek with the other tourists, and saw Luca. I had no idea if he or his brother would remember me, and if they did, if I’d be welcome to come spend time there again- if this was going to be a moment of disappointment or excitement. He saw me and stopped what he was doing. He just stood there with no expression. I stood frozen, trying to read his face from across the canal. “Ciao Luca” I said quietly and waved. He smirked, then smiled wide, “Ciao Lisa!” and motioned me to cross the bridge. I cried. (duh). I was so happy. These guys have no clue what a gift they’ve given me in my life by allowing me into their space to let me play, document, meditate, create, watch and just be. I pulled myself together, and crossed over.

squero_7.22.14-13squero_7.22.14-14I walked in the back entrance to Squero, and the scents of fresh sawdust, sweet and sticky black lacquer, gasoline and salt immediately brought me back to the first time I walked in the Squero and they told me to get lost.  

Right then, Luca appeared with a big smile. He submitted to the big hug which I forced upon him. Claudio resurfaced later in the afternoon- small smile, and an even more reserved hug then his brother . When I returned in the afternoon light to photograph, they let me in as if no time had passed, returning to our old habits. Luca, constantly aware of the camera unless in a task that requires full concentration, and Claudio, not giving a shit what I did or where I was as long as I wasn’t in the way. I was so happy.



If you are still looking/ reading this journal entry then bless your heart. Thanks for your time, interest and help in remembering these moments I never want to forget. More to come soon. For real. (not like in 8 months).

❤ L


One Response to “Back home: Squero San Trovaso”

  1. Jim Indo July 23, 2014 at 3:38 pm #

    Loving this second time around Lisa. You change and brighten every world you grace. Thanx for post. Peace.

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