25 Jul


I’m writing and editing these photos at a wine bar/ restaurant, starting to gush about this man in the photo above, who was at Squero the other day.  All I knew of him was that his name is Mauritzo, is is clearly skilled around a workshop, and I’m pretty sure all he knew of me was what he saw- a woman with a camera spending a lot of her time in a boat garage.


I find it really, really hard to be photographed.  It’s not about looking flawless, it’s about exposing yourself to the lens, the person behind it, and then anyone who will later see that photograph.  When someone let’s me “see in”, it’s magic.  Sometimes I get this deep exchange with my beautiful brides, but it’s hard to get it with a stranger for a prolonged period of time.


But this was one of those times, and I’m so, so grateful. Mauritzo danced with me.   As my intensity increased, his did too.  As I got closer, his movements got more refined- look at that pinky up!  Dude was fluid.


And the language barrier is both a blessing and curse.  I would love to be able to get to know the guys, pick the guys’ brains, find out more about their personal stories, the history of Squero, the tales of Venice passed down…but we can’t, which sucks.  But at the same time I realize that since we can’t talk, we really only have the option to focus on what we are doing- making.

And then the chef comes out of the kitchen and looks over my shoulder and laughs.  He worked under this guy for a couple of years at another site, and Mauritzo is the oldest living/working master gondola maker in Venice. What!? Chef’s direct quote, “Maybe after this guy dies, gondolas get made out of plastic.” Damn.

Humbled and honored.  And toasted Pieroni’s with this man at 2:00 on at Wednesday,  Tutto Bene!


There was also a dog there this day.  He’s cute too, but I think Mauritzo wins in this department. post2-3 post2-10post2-4 post2-9

such a good boy!!post2-13 post2-15


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