No Justice, No Peace

25 Aug

Sometimes I don’t feel proud to be American.


Then other times, I really do.

Saturday was one of those days, and a good reminder of what freedom of speech looks like and how good it feels when it comes from a place of honesty, seeking-justice and peace.


On a cloudy late summer day in Staten Island, thousands of people gathered peacefully (amongst the hundreds of bored riot police) to take part in the  “We Will Not Go Back” rally organized and led by Al Sharpton.  We stood in solidarity for police accountability for the recent deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, while not forgetting Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Ramarley Graham and the slew of other unarmed civilians whose lives were cut short violently by the choices of some police officers and their bystander-colleagues.


ericgarner-2 ericgarner-4

a untied theme was justice and safety for ALL people, regardless of your race, where you live, your gender or any other face-value perceptions …

it sounds so simple, but we are still so far away.

ericgarner-6 ericgarner-7

“are my grandchildren safe?” ericgarner-8 ericgarner-9

these words should never have to come out of our children’s mouths, especially to an officer.
ericgarner-10 ericgarner-11 ericgarner-12 ericgarner-13 ericgarner-14 ericgarner-15 ericgarner-16 ericgarner-17 ericgarner-18 ericgarner-19

ROADS BX- PROP was there and you were repped in spirit! Proud of y’all. <3L


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